June 12th - July 20th, 2015

Gallery visits by appointment only, please call: 212 563 2210


Laura Zaveckaite (b. 1979, Lithuania) is a New York City based sculptor who explores the power and effects of mass produced cultural artifacts and figurines. On a recent trip to Lithuania, Zaveckaite found an antique crucifix in her great grandmother’s garage; all that remained was the figure of Christ, appearing to be liberated from its cross. In her current exhibit at sla307 Gallery, various groupings of luminous and fragile, white porcelain replicas of the antique figurine line the walls and appear to be free floating.

Each sculpture is unique having been transformed by the process of multiple recasting, giving rise to subtle mutations and abstractions. By employing methods of mass production, Zaveckaite challenges our complacency with symbols of authority and rediscovers the transcendental potential of a replicated icon. Encountering the multitude of “Jesus” sculptures is an opportunity to contemplate the capitalistic commodification of the sanctified, the politics of the pop icon and our conceptions of the original replica.