J 2 Manhattan & Back 24-7-365


VYTENIS JANKŪNAS  /  Stories from J 2 Manhattan

OCTOBER 13 - OCTOBER 28,  2017





Sla307 Art Space is pleased to present a solo exhibition of new work by Vytenis Jankūnas entitled, Stories from J 2 Manhattan. This is Jankūnas’ third solo show in New York City and will be on view from October 13 - October 28, 2017.  On display are three 5 min length movies on a large-scale video projection and a multi-screen TV display installation, running in a constant loop.

The Single-channel HD video projection,  J 2 Manhattan & Back 24-7-365 Part 1, 2 and 3, is made entirely of photo stills. The artist captured these photographs while traveling through New York City via the "J" train – from Queens to Manhattan via Brooklyn.  Jankūnas took these photos on the train every day between the two locations for more then three years. The hundreds of photos are organized and displayed side by side on three vertical interchangeable slides.  They display the changing scene on one subway car bench through the duration of a year.  Vytenis Jankūnas states, “They tell the story of my everyday travels and reveal the multicultural nature of the New York City metropolis.”

J 2 Manhattan - The Eternal Traveler Syndrome in a Circular Motion is an installation of ten flat TV screens featuring a constant circular motion of arriving and departing trains. It resembles an eternal traveler caught in a never-ending routine journey like the artist himself.

Limited edition, black and white, silver prints will be available to purchase from the series J 2 Manhattan.  These prints are framed.